Greenbriar Picture Shows at Melville

John McElwee from Greenbriar Picture Shows checks in with some more advertising from the golden age of movies, including the great Lillian Gish, saddlesore Tom Mix and an early example of a Saturday afternoon spook show. Enjoy!

Earl of Chicago – MGM – 1940
Directed by Richard Thorpe. With Robert Montgomery, Edward Arnold, Reginald Owen, Edmund Gwenn.

Lady with a Past – RKO – 1932
Directed by Edward H. Griffith. With Constance Bennett, Ben Lyon, David Manners, Don Alvarado.

Destry Rides Again – Universal – 1932
Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. With Tom Mix, Tony the Horse, Claudia Dell, Zasu Pitts.

The Painted Veil – MGM – 1934
Directed by Richard Boleslawski. With Greta Garbo, Herbert Marshall, George
Brent, Warner Oland.

The Scarlet Letter – MGM – 1926
Directed by Victor Sjöström. With Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Henry B. Walthall, Karl Dane.
The Human Monster – Monogram – 1940
Directed by Walter Summers. With Bela Lugosi, Hugh Williams, Greta Gynt, Edmon Ryan.

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